About Paperclip
Digital Marketing Solutions That Fit.

The Paperclip Purpose

Founded in 2016 by Julia Manoim, Paperclip Digital Media was established to bring a professional and performance-centred approach to digital media for small- and mid-sized Businesses and Agencies. Intended to simply and effortlessly fill knowledge and skill gaps within your organization, Paperclip fits the needs of your business with clarity and ease, providing a simple, affordable, and professional solution to your digital marketing needs.

The Paperclip Process

01 Getting To Know Your Business

Your goals, ambitions, and your audience is unique to you. Your team is also unique, perhaps dynamic, and perhaps specialized. You might work with an agency or other consultants or freelancers. You might be an agency. Your needs are unique. We explore your business, audience, and competitive landscape to get your strategy right. We also get to know your team and existing capabilities so we can design a solution that is tailored to you.

02 Strategy + Implementation

We build your digital presence to reach your audience and support your performance goals. We understand that your business is unique and design bespoke solutions that are flexible, scalable, and effective, leveraging our experience along the way.

03 Learning + Optimization

Strategy, implementation, and learning is a circular process at Paperclip. We understand that the landscape is evolving, and that the more we do for you, the more we learn about what works. We take a performance-based approach in our strategy and implementation, continually testing, monitoring, and adjusting for best results.

The Paperclip Team

Julia Manoim

Founder, Digital Strategy Lead


Nikos Arazos

Front End Developer


Christina Anastasoglou

Digital Designer


Elias Vougiouklakis

Account Manager, Greece